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April 2011

Got home from CCA to find Ravin' in season, yay!  Also home in time to go to my first horse show (schooling) in 20 years.  Irish and I entered 5 classes, and ended up with 3 firsts, 2 thirds, and Reserve Champion in the W/T/C/Ground Poles division!  Nice change from the dog shows, relaxing and lots of fun.

Strider and I headed to the Collie Club of America National Specialty.  Gorgeous agility courses that we managed to do one little thing wrong on all but one of them.  We did manage to Q both days in Rally Excellent and earn 1st places.

First weekend was agility at Fox Valley.  Entered Ravin' hoping it would cause her to finally come in didn't.  She finished her Novice Preferred Jumpers title though.  Strider actually earned a second place in Standard, thanks to many of the 24" dogs being at AKC Nationals.


March 2011

3 trials for Butcher and Cole, 2 for Strider.  Cole and Butcher finished their MXJs at WAG on the 26th!


February 2011

Just one trial this month, Cole and Butcher each picked up a couple Excellent legs.  Qs for Strider, too, but no double Qs.


January 2011

The end of the month we traveled to Dayton for a 3 day agility trial.  Cole finished his Open FAST title, qualified in jumpers all 3 days and earned his second double Q.  Butcher earned his first Excellent FAST leg and an MXJ leg.  Strider earned an MXF leg, qualified 2 days in jumpers and one day in standard, but did his dog walk all 3 days :)  Although no double Q, I was thrilled with how we ran, feeling good about those last 3 double Qs.

January 8th & 9th John and his boys competed at Car-Dun-Al's agility trial.  Butcher qualified once each day, and Cole was 3 of 4, earning his first double Q.

New Year's weekend was a success!  Strider did the dog walk 2 of the 3 days, and earned double Q #17.  Butch finished his Open FAST title and earned an MXJ leg.  Cole finished his Novice FAST title, earned 2 Open FAST legs, and 2 MXJ legs.  Lets hope 2011 continues as it started!


December 2010

John had to go to Camp Bandy without me the weekend of the 16-18, as Strider is once again refusing the dog walk.  He did pretty well, despite having a bad cold, and although neither Cole nor Butcher earned a double Q, they both came home with a leg or two, and Cole even earned placements in the "B" class.

Hounds for the Holidays wasn't very good Q-wise, but Strider at least was still doing the dog walk.  John took his two boys to Cedar Rapids instead, and did very well with the black beast.  Cole finished his Excellent Jumpers title, and earned his first MACH points from a Standard Q -- 21!  I'm prepared to have my Collie get beat by the Belgian in the house again, although I suppose I could use their age difference as an excuse...6 years vs. the 2 years the first pair had between them :)

Strider bailed off the dog walk at class the week after Illiana's show, and wouldn't get back on it again.  I was doubting I'd be able to get to Greater Lafayette's trial the first weekend of the month, but plenty of short sessions on a low dog walk, and I figured I'd give it a try for the first day, and just come home if he didn't do it.  Amazingly enough, he did, so we stayed all 3 days of the trial, and he picked up double Q #16 on Sunday!


November 2010

Illiana Collie Fanciers' trial over Thanksgiving weekend saw Strider finally pick up another double Q!  Cole finished his Excellent Standard title, and Butcher and Ravin' also had a Q or two.

First weekend of the month...Breeders' Cup!  ZENYATTA, GOLDIKOVA, Lookin At Lucky, Blame, Uncle Mo, Winter Memories and so many more awesome Thoroughbreds.  Froze our butts off and had such a great and memorable time!  Sunday morning we were even able to watch Queen Z grazing outside her barn, and while we were watching her, Goldikova came out to stretch her legs from the barn next door.  Pictures now up in Webshots albums!


October 2010

Car-Dun-Al's trial was a great success for the boys!  Cole picked up an Excellent Standard and Excellent Jumpers leg, and Butcher was phenomenal, Qing 3 out of 4, finishing his Excellent Jumpers title and earning his first double Q and MACH points!  Ravin' Qd both days in Jumpers.  Since this was the club whose dog walk Strider fell off of in June, he stayed home, as we didn't want a repeat occurrence and another 2 months out of training/showing.

The 9th and 10th was spent at the GRCI agility trial.  John and Butcher finished their Excellent Standard title on Saturday.  Ravin' earned a double Q and Cole earned his second Novice FAST leg on Sunday.


September 2010

Last weekend of the month found us at the Great Lakes Belgian Tervuren Club's herding trial.  Cole passed both days to earn his PT!

Had a wonderful week-plus vacation to Portland, Oregon!  Lots of hiking, birding, sightseeing, driving, and a visit to Cole's sister and her family.  Already trying to plan when we can go back :)  Of course, my photos were mostly all of the birds, and they can be viewed in my Webshots album.  Will try and get a link to John's scenery pics.

Labor Day weekend was wonderful!  Our Collie club held their first of two yearly trials, so it was wonderful to have Ravin' qualify in Standard both days to finish her MX!  Not only that, but Strider did the dog walk in a trial for the first time since falling off in June!  So after we return from vacation, we'll be out on the hunt for those last 6 double Qs :)  John and Butcher did not qualify, but Butch had rock-solid start line stays in all 4 runs, his first time in at least a year.  Last but not least, Cole finished his OAJ and earned his first AX leg.


August 2010

After a couple weeks off for family visits, we ended the month at Blitzen's agility trial.  Saturday was a great day for all!  Butcher "double Qd" again in Excellent A and Cole qualified in Open Jumpers for his second leg, all with placements.  Strider and Ravin' both qualified in Jumpers.  Although Ravin' was clean in Standard, she was just a few hundredths of a second over time...amazing how much rubberized contacts make a difference to her!  AND we just got word that our new dog walk is on its way, so Strider's retraining can begin in earnest, and we'll hopefully be back on the hunt for those last few double Qs soon!

We had a pretty successful weekend our first time out this month at the Flat-Coated Retriever agility trial.  Strider finished his Excellent FAST title with a first place.  Ravin' earned another MX leg as well as double Q #4.  Butcher earned his second Open FAST leg, and Cole earned his first Open jumpers leg as well as his first Novice FAST leg, all with placements.


July 2010

The past weekend we were at WAG's AKC agility trial.  I went ahead and kept Strider in, and just scratched our Standard runs.  He had a great time in jumpers, qualifying 2 of his 3 runs.  Ravin' earned 1 jumpers Q and 1 standard Q, so she only needs 3 more Qs for her MX.  Cole had a good debut in Excellent standard, handled the courses very well but didn't Q there.  He did finish his Novice jumpers title, however.  Biggest thrill of the weekend was Butcher qualifying in both standard and jumpers on Saturday for his first Excellent A legs.  He's running very well and much more confidently.

The dogs had a weekend off so I was able to attend Irish's second ISC show on the 10th.  She and Alyssa earned Champion in both their hunter and equitation divisions!

July 4th weekend was a welcome switch to flyball for the crew.  Although very hot and out of practice, Butcher, Strider and Ravin' got back into the swing of things quickly, and had a wonderful time.


June 2010

The Collies were supposed to compete in Indianapolis this last weekend of the month, but Strider's fall off the dog walk at last weekend's trial affected him more than I thought.  After another unintentional dismount at class, and then refusing it completely, we decided to save the travel money and stay home.  That freed me to attend Irish's second show, where she did awesome!  She and Alyssa came home with 3 2nds and a 1st, Reserve Champ in their hunter division and Champ in their equitation division!  The rest of the barn's entrants did very well also, every team came home with at least a Reserve Champ award.

Last trial of the month for Cole, and he made it a pretty good one.  Although no Qs the first day, he ran very well.  Sunday he qualified in both his runs, picking up his second  Novice Jumpers leg and finishing his Open Standard title!  Strider and Ravin' each qualified in Jumpers, and Strider even placed 4th on Saturday, but no double Qs for him, and no MX legs for Ravin'.  Keeping our fingers crossed for this weekend.

Wow, June is off to a great start!  John and I each ran a dog that had a 75% Q rate and one that had a 50% Q rate!  Cole was John's star, picking up 2 Open Standard legs and his first Novice Jumpers leg.  Butcher finished his Open Standard title and had some great Excellent Jumpers runs in his first weekend in that class.  For me, Strider picked up double Q #14 and a 3rd place in Jumpers, and Ravin' picked up her 6th MX leg.  We all get a well-deserved weekend off...time to get some extra riding in for me!


May 2010

Cole completed his HT Memorial weekend!  What a nice way to finish out the month.

Day 1 of Agility Ability's trial went well!  Butcher actually "double Qd" in Open, earning his 2nd Standard leg.  Cole finished his Novice Standard title and Ravin' earned MX leg #5.  No double Q for Strider, but he did earn a 4th place in Standard.

Ultrasound showed no puppies for Ravin' this time.  Time to get back out and show, pick up a few more titles and legs before trying one last time.

Strider earned a 4th place in Exc. B Standard in Cleveland.  The following weekend in Grand Rapids we picked up double Q #13!  Butcher is getting more and more confident, and picked up an Open Standard and Open Jumpers leg in Grand Rapids, and at the same trial Cole made his Standard and Jumpers debut, picking up 3 first placements in 20" preferred.  Next week he's up to 24"!


April 2010

Ravin' spent a week in Tennessee, visiting CH Dea Haven's Memory Maker.  Let's hope the third time really is the charm!  Ultrasound already scheduled for early May.


March 2010

Irish had her first schooling show on the 21st.  She handled everything very well, and she and Alyssa came home with ribbons from 2nd through 6th!  I'm hoping to get some video up soon.

Spent March 13 & 14 at Race's USDAA trial.  Strider picked up a Q in P3 Jumpers and P3 Snooker (missed a Q+ by 1 point!), as well as his first Performance Grand Prix qualifying run.  Cole did very well in his first multiple run weekend, and earned a Q in P1 Gamblers!   Butcher also earned a Q in Starters Gamblers.  Ravin', still not in season, couldn't figure out why she didn't get to play.


February 2010

Traveled to St. Louis for the Tri-County Agility Club's trials.  Ravin' picked up 2 more MX legs and another double Q.  John and Butch qualified in Open Jumpers.  Strider was glad to be back running after 3 weeks on the sidelines due to injury.  With no plans for another AKC trial until the end of March, it's highly doubtful Ravin' will show again before coming into season and being bred one last time.


January 2010

Attended Dayton Dog Training Club's agility trial at the end of the month, hoping for some double Qs with Strider.  No luck there, but Ravin' picked up her first two MX legs and first two double Qs!  Butcher and John earned their first Open FAST leg.

Spent New Year's weekend at the Great Lakes Belgian Tervuren Club's agility trials.  Strider earned his second Excellent FAST leg with a 3rd place, and picked up double Q #12.  Cole made his agility debut in FAST and earned his first leg in Novice Preferred with a second place.  More importantly, he was all focus!